Say Hello to Nano Tag

The world's smallest, affordable, disposable, wearable, BLE tag!

Say Hello to Nano Tag

The world's smallest, affordable, disposable, wearable, BLE tag!

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We make Smart IoT Devices, Cloud Solutions, and Powerful APIs.
Combined to better connect people, spaces, and things, 
so you can reimagine how you run your business.


All the Building Blocks You Need

Combined into solutions or augmenting your existing 
solution with just the extra pieces you need

Sensors & Tags

The most reliable and secure Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - powered IoT devices on 
the market.
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Affordable, plug-and-play BLE
gateways that help you accelerate the adoption of indoor IoT.
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Location & Occupancy Services 
and IoT Device
Management as API.
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Leveraging the Wi-Fi Network

You Already Have In Place

Cloud Powered IoT

Accelerating time to value, focused on
delivering outcomes, not just raw-data

Unbox And Use In Minutes

Powered by open standard. Managed by the Cloud.

Intelligent Event Streams

Analyzing loT signals from buildings in real time, providing you with just the information you need, when you need it.

IT Doesn’t Have To Be Complex

Bluetooth™ enabled WiFi networks help IT facilitate
OT applications in minutes.

From Information to Insights

Enabling business application with indoor

location & live sensor signals

IoT Devices, Tags, Sensors

From or from our vendor partners

BLE Access Points
or Gateways

Building Signals
Application Platform

AI Powered Location Services
Policy Foundry
Smart Event Streams
Workflows & Notifications
We are really excited about building simple things that just work.

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hospital staff tracking system
Technology for locating and tracking employees, visitors, and other occupants of any sizable facility is now recognized as a powerful innovation for increasing safety, responding to emergencies, enabling more effective communication, and enhancing overall productivity.
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The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the need to apply connected infrastructures into buildings to reopen safely and reduce employee and visitor anxiety. & Domo have teamed up to solve one of the main challenges corporate real-estate faces in 2020.
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Selecting the right beacon for your deployment is one of the early steps in the process and has a significant effect on the future performance and possibilities of the network you create.
[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]