Battery-Free Beacons and Tags to be a Reality with Atmosic Technologies and Partnership

17 December 2018

The days of worrying about the battery life of your BLE devices could soon be over.
Today, and Atmosic Technologies, the ultra-low-power wireless provider, have announced a partnership that will make the goal of forever battery and battery-free BLE devices for the Internet of Things one step closer to reality.

In a press release on Business Wire, David Su CEO of Atmosic said, “Atmosic Technologies has a vision of a battery-free world and we are partnering with to lower the power barrier of the Internet-of-Things.”

This is a breakthrough for location-based technologies, greatly reducing the cost of maintaining BLE devices (i.e. replacing or recharging the batteries), the total cost of ownership (TCO), and the barrier to scaling digital enterprise solutions.
Built on the Bluetooth® 5 standards platform, Atmosic’s product line leverages a wireless platform that can improve battery life by 10 to 100 times with forthcoming technology that uses Controlled Energy Harvesting to make batteries last forever (or be battery-free).  
This kind of improvement will unlock a wealth of new use cases and introduce new competition in industries as diverse as hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and retail malls. is proud to be leading the digital frontier with innovators like Atmosic Technologies to simplify enterprise IoT for customers and users alike.
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Aneta Ciurkot

Director, Product Marketing

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