How Did the BeaconWeek in London Go?

25 February 2015

BeaconWeek is the educational event marketing arm of, dedicated to teaching people all around the globe about beacons & proximity. We've been planning BeaconWeek events all over the globe for this year, and we just hosted our second BeaconWeek event two weeks ago in London. The audience was more enthusiastic about beacons than we'd hoped for. With 100+ attendees, 4 great speakers, a fantastic view of the London skyline, and an immensely engaged audience, we're pretty sure that the free food and free beacons weren't the main reason for people showing up. : )
This BeaconWeek talk was focused on Internet of Things and Hands-on Experiences. Szymon Niemczura, our CEO explained where were beacons in the Internet of Things and how could they make the world smarter. Obviously, our new Tough Beacon was mentioned here as a great example of how beacons may be used in real life situations. Mike Mannion from RNF Digital Innovation explained very hot topics: indoor navigation and user-experience management. In both cases he emphasized a role and significance of context in providing relevant, location-based information. Ian Malone (Airspace Proximity Networks) presented some fascinating statistics which show how the market is adopting micro location engagement. According to his survey 99% of UK marketing and brand managers are going to invest in proximity marketing. You might agree that such a number proves that the current hype on beacons is just an introduction to a much greater future! The presentation given by Edmond O'Driscoll (Dot-3) and Jon-Paul Little (Kew Gardens) was an excellent example of how beacon solutions can satisfy businesses and their customers at the same time. We're going to present this use case on our blog soon!
Our intense discussion was the best evidence of great enthusiasm for beacons. Apart from talking about the potential and future of the Internet of Things, we were trying to answering key questions: How to engage customers? How to increase customer app installs? How to educate customers on privacy policy?*
Many ideas shared, many devkits given away, much positive feedback received... It goes without saying that it was extremely inspiring and successful event. Thanks all of you for coming and being so involved. It was a huge pleasure to meet you and talk to you about everything that we love - Beacons & Beyond!

* - Interested in discussion results? Follow our blog or get prepared for the next BeaconWeek - see you in Boston, March 19th! More info soon!

Agnieszka Gąsiorek

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