Kontakt.io Proximity REST API V6

16 June 2015

We’ve just released V6 of the Kontakt.io Proximity REST API with a ton of new features.


Kontakt.io Proximity REST API  V6 allows you to share your devices and venues with managers from other companies to incorporate in their own infrastructure.  Sharing can be performed in read-only or edit mode, and you can create an exclusive copy of your devices to allow other managers to add to their own venues and perform their own actions.

Public sharing

Sharing with the Kontakt.io ‘public’ manager allows you to make your venues, devices and actions available to anyone using the Kontakt.io public API key.

Analytics on steroids

We’ve pumped up the analytic data in this release to include:

  • Client metrics - monitors all devices within the range of a Cloud Beacon.
  • Dwell-time metrics  - tells you how long the devices are in range.
  • Range metrics - records the distance of devices from your Cloud Beacons.

Kontakt.io Cloud Beacons now detect WiFi enabled and BLE devices, collect the data, and transmit it to the Kontakt.io Cloud.  You can access this data using our REST API - and soon you’ll be able to do this directly from your Kontakt.io Proximity Web Panel.

Device Status

You can also determine the battery levels of your devices, firmware version, and the last time they were detected (either via a Cloud Beacon connected to the Kontakt.io Cloud, or at the last point a beacon was scanned).  We’ll also record the data for all beacons being managed by each of your Cloud Beacons, and which Cloud Beacon is managing those beacons.  We’ve added a status page to your Web Panel where you can view this information in real-time.

Scheduled tasks

Earlier this month we released the feature to allow you to schedule ID rotation and power saving from your Web Panel.  We’ve now added the /task/ endpoint to our API for you to create your own scheduled updates for your device.


Metadata lets you extend devices and venues with custom information.  This allows you to add additional data in the form of key/value pairs to use in your own applications.
There are many more minor changes in the release, check the changelog for full details or read the complete documentation at our developer documentation site.

Agnieszka Gąsiorek

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