Retail and the Future of Proximity - Coming soon at BeaconWeek in Boston!

11 March 2015

We know many of you have been waiting for it. We have too! So here's great news: BeaconWeek is coming back to the US! This time we’ll be landing in the City on a Hill--Boston itself!
After having discussed topics like Internet of Things and hands-on experience of beacon deployments, we decided to focus on the future of proximity and one of the biggest market when it comes to beacon implementations: retail.
BeaconWeek events aren't only about the theory, but also (and especially) about real use cases. To allow discussing the latter, we invited someone who's an expert in beaconizing retail and has an astonishing experience in this field. We've partnered with then.
So what's the plan?
We've got great speakers from Howler,, Blue-Soho, and MSDI, talking about proximity, and sharing their experiences. We've got demo of a Cloud Beacon which takes beacon opportunities to the next level. And finally, as always, we've got free food and drinks, free beacons to give away, and a great atmosphere of the best and the most enthusiastic beacon community in the world.
You'll find all the details at the event page. Admission is free but you need to register first. Attendance is limited, so go ahead and click the button below!
See you in Boston on March 19th!
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Agnieszka Gąsiorek

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