Warehouse 2020: the Value of Location Tracking [White Paper]

November 27, 2018

Our latest white paper demonstrates how warehouses around the world could soon be deploying the Kontakt.io location tracking solution to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Download it here.
Efficiency is the DNA of the warehousing industry. Over the years, warehouses have become increasingly price competitive which has prompted investments in new technologies that enable them to do more with less.
One of the single most valuable forms of data is that of location. Knowing where someone or something is over time can create tremendous value in the form of efficiency gains and cost reductions.
Until recently, tracking the location of all personnel, machinery and inventory in real-time was nearly impossible to achieve given the cost of such a solution and challenges associated with installation, hardware, device management and proactive analytics that can alert decision-makers to problems at a moment’s notice.
Bluetooth, on the other hand, was built for this.
Learn more about the role of BLE in location tracking solutions and value being derived by early-movers in our latest white paper. 
Download a free whitepaper

Anthony Richardson

Content writer interested in how technology is changing the way we work, live and relate to the world. Anthony will be living around the world for the next year and writing about it.

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