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Complete 5 steps to start using the endless possibilities of Cisco Outcomes Kits. The onboarding process will involve using Kontakt.io Kio Cloud and Cisco DNA Spaces. The whole process will take less than an hour. We will walk you through the entire process, including the wizard and handy tooltips. In case of online support, you can always reach out to support@kontakt.io.

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What are the prerequisites for using this starter kit?

1. Cisco Catalyst 9XXX access point
2. WiFi connection
3. Your building floor plan (.png, .jpeg)

What are the functionalities of Portal Beam, Smart Badge, CO2 Sensor, PIR Sensor? How do the 5 devices work together?

Portal Beam works as an all-in-one sensor, measuring occupancy, air quality, temperature, humidity, light and others, including detecting room-level certainty of the Smart Badge via IR sensor.

Cisco Catalyst access point reads the information gathered by the Portal Beam and detects the Smart Badge via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals, Hibou CO2, and Thingsee PRESENCE. With all this information captured, Cisco Catalyst access point sends the data to the Kio Cloud where data is processed by Kio Location Engine.

Smart Badge is detected by both Cisco access points via BLE and Portal Beam via IR. Both combinations will provide improved accuracy, which gives room-level certainty.

Hibou Air is a CO2 sensor. To reduce the risk of infection, it is important to keep the indoor concentration of exhaled breath as low as possible. This means rooms need to be ventilated whenever the concentration of exhaled air increases significantly and to ventilate them correctly.

Haltian Thingsee PRESENCE is a wireless PIR sensor for measuring people's presence through your facility. You can use the sensor for facility management and occupancy detection in various places such as offices, hospitals, or restaurants.

How do I install Portal Beam, Smart Badge, Thingsee PRESENCE, Hibou Air CO2?

  • 1 x Portal Beam - 9-in-1 BLE sensor that should be installed on the ceiling, center of a room, ideally room size about 200 sqft.
  • 1 x Smart Badge - an IR capable BLE badge card holder with 2 active buttons that can be carried on a leash or badge clip
  • 1x Hibou Air - an CO2 sensor and should be installed ideally right next to your desk on your hight level
  • 1x Thingsee PRESENCE - a PIR sensor that should be placed under a desk

What can I do with this starter kit? What use cases does it fulfil?

Live occupancy: Meeting room management, floor plan occupancy, desk occupancy (hot-desking, flexible workspaces);
Workplace security: Visitor tracking;
Workplace safety: Contact tracing, evacuation & mustering, staff duress
Environmental Monitoring: Air quality, carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, and light monitoring

Is it plug & play?

It takes less than an hour and 5 steps for you to start playing with your kit and Workspaces Dashboard. This wizard will walk you through all the steps from plug & play style device onboarding and Workspace Dashboard activation.

You can always contact us if you face any trouble setting it up.

How do I activate the devices?

  • Portal Beam - switch the toggle at the back of the device, the LED at the front of the device should start blinking blue LED to indicate activation
  • Smart Badge - the device is turned on upon shipment
  • Haltian PRESENCE - the device is turned on upon shipment
  • Hibou Air - the device is turned on upon shipment

You can always contact us if you face any trouble setting it up.

How do I set up a Smart Location?

Sign in to your Kio Cloud account, select Smart Location and follow the setup instructions here.

Where can I access applications to apply to use cases?

The Workspace Dashboard and other apps are available within the Kio Cloud Launchpad.

I want to know more about the devices in the kit. Where do I look?

Refer to our Help Center to access detailed information on features, technical specifications, installation guide, configuration, troubleshooting, and release notes here:

I need more devices. Where can I get them?

You can choose and order devices for a variety of use cases in the Cisco Outcomes Store or Cisco IoT Device Marketplace. Or you can get in touch with our experts here.

Do I need to go through whole setup process at once?

We recommend following the entire onboarding process at once, however, the setup can be continued at any of the completed 5 steps.
1. Access your account
2. Claim your
 Outcome Kit
3. Add Access Point to Kio Cloud
4. Set up your location and floor plans
5. Install, configure and test your devices

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