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Portal Beam
Portal Beam
Portal Beam
Portal Beam
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Unlocking a new era of the Internet of Things.
Simple. Easy to use. Full of powerful technologies inside.
Packed with an 8-core CPU with a Neural Network architecture,
Bluetooth Low Energy, Infrared (IR), and six different sensors,
Portal Beam is the most advanced IoT device we’ve ever built.
more energy efficient enabling edge computing in the periphery of the network.
The Portal Beam design allows free airflow through a sensor array capturing detailed fingerprint of the building environment.
High-resolution thermal imaging and real-time computer vision enable people detection.
… without invading on privacy.
A new way to look after your workspace.
Understand how people occupy spaces and capture the occupancy of buildings, floors, rooms and seats without infringing on privacy.

Passive occupancy only, with no facial recognition. 200+ sqf coverage at 10 foot ceiling height. AI/ML powered in-device analytics.
Making sure everything is running smoothly. 24/7.
Monitor temperature, humidity, light, motion, and air quality to provide a safer and healthier workplace, reduce the building carbon footprint, and improve employee experience.
Temperature: 23°C / 75°F
Air Quality: Good
Humidty: 45%
Light: 85%
Indoor Navigation
Real-time navigation.
Improve orientation inside your building with turn-by-turn navigation. Easily navigate your employees and visitors to designated rooms so that they don’t miss their appointments.
IR Beaconing: Room-Level Certainty
When accuracy matters the most.
Provide a safer and more secure workplace by knowing the location of your staff in case of emergency, pairing your visitors with hosts, tracking the flow and location of people, or your valuable assets with room-level certainty.

Automated Fingerprinting

Portal Beam’s BLE radio in listening mode, combined with cloud AI, deliver improved room-level accuracy for tracking BLE devices using existing BLE-enabled WiFi access point topology. This avoids the need to install additional expensive, wired gateways to improve indoor location accuracy.

Leveraging the Wi-Fi Network

You Already Have In Place

Created for the enterprise.
Designed for do-it-yourself.

No cables. No mess.

Installation takes minutes. No special skills or certifications needed.

Saving energy is a beautiful thing.

Up to 4 years
battery life

Free Kio Cloud Apps.

So you can transform building data into actionable insights.

Cloud services taken to the next level. Access a powerful, enterprise-secure, simple to use set of free web apps. Or simply build your own Dashboards on top of our cloud.

Portal Beam

The Internet of Things. Now, in One Thing.

Use-Cases for Quantifying Rooms and Buildings
Complementing Existing Wifi Networks via Bluetooth LE
Fastest Time to Value through no cabling and design for self-installment
Lowest cost of ownership in the market
Open API and free Apps for unlimited innovation
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Starter Kit

Now for $339

1-year SaaS
Portal Beam
Portal Light
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Delivered as a Managed Service

The lowest cost of ownership

SaaS + Hardware

$239 per Portal Beam

$139/ year occupancy
$139/ year IR & fingerprinting
$199/ year everything included
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Managed Service

$259/ year per Portal Beam

Simply use it and we will take care of all cloud device maintenance, warranty, battery replacement, and more!

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Use Cases


Patient Workflow
Staff Safety
Medical Device

Carpeted Spaces

Building Occupancy
Safety & Security
Asset Management

Starter Kit

Now for $339

1-year SaaS
Portal Beam
Portal Light
Smart Badge
Order Starter Kit
[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]